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5 Best Ad Networks For New Bloggers – 2017

5 Best Ad Networks For New Bloggers – 2017
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Have you created a new blog and looking for an ad network? If your answer is, “yes!” then this blog is auspicious for you.

Many ad networks are available now and out of there, selecting a perfect one for your blog is a tough job. AdSense is a prodigious ad network among others. But the getting of AdSense approval is really a tough one. A 6-month-old domain is a must for AdSense approval and it is a myth for new bloggers. Even more than one-year-old domain got to struggle for AdSense approval. Always consider several factors like unique content, blog category, website traffic, On-page and off-page SEO factors etc, before applying for AdSense approval. You must always remember one thing. The quality of unique content is the key factor for your earning. Higher quality content always receives higher earnings.

There are many ad networks available now for monetizing your blog. But not all of these ad networks are really good. Most of the ad networks are cheating bloggers and refuse the pay-out when the minimum threshold is reached.

In this article, I have shortlisted the best and trusted five ad networks reliable to monetize new blogs and low traffic websites.

Best 5 Ad Networks for New Bloggers or Small Publishers

    1. Chitika

Chitika 5 Best Ad Networks For New Bloggers - 2017

Chitika is one of the top search-targeted ad networks. It works around the system of PPC. It is popular among new writers and new bloggers. Chitika has

  • Low minimum payout ($10 via PayPal)
  • No restriction in minimum traffic requirement
  • User-friendly interface
Pros of Chitika
  • Chitika has lowest thresholds of cash
  • No Minimum traffic requirements
Cons of Chitika
  • Chitika works for search traffic.
  • If you don’t have search traffic, and majority traffics are from social media sites, it is not advisable to use Chitika.
  • Chitika permanently ban you when invalid clicks are made.

    2. BidVertiser

Chitika 5 Best Ad Networks For New Bloggers - 2017

BidVertiser is one of the oldest and best ad networks in the industry. It provides different types of ad units. You can decide and select the best ad unit type suitable for your blog or website.

Pros of BidVertiser
  • Very low minimum payout
  • Minimum payout of Bidvertiser is $10 via PayPal, $20 via check, and $50 via bank transfer.
  • BidVertiser has progressive protection from fraud.
  • The variety of ad formats.
Cons of BidVertiser
  • BidVertiser ads are low-quality ads.
  • Outdated look on interface
  • Ad earnings will be low.

    3. Revenue Hits

Chitika 5 Best Ad Networks For New Bloggers - 2017

Revenue Hits is entirely different when compared to other ad networks. It won’t pay anything for clicks or impressions. They pay only when the click is converted into action. For example, a publisher places the ad code on their blog. When a visitor clicks the ad, and enter their name and email to the advertiser, then you get money.

Pros of Revenue Hits
  • The signing up of revenue hits is completely free.
  • Revenue Hits provides immediate approval.
  • Minimum payout is $50
  • Revenue Hits pay $10 to $50 per valid action.
  • Payout through Paypal, Payoneer & bank transfer
  • Many publishers make $50 – $100 per day through this ad network

Cons of Revenue Hits
  • It doesn’t support video ads.
  • Not using CPC or CPM methods. They only pay for actions.

    4. Infolinks

Chitika 5 Best Ad Networks For New Bloggers - 2017

Infolinks is another best global advertising platform for both advertisers and publishers. It offers many ad types and it is popular for in-text ads.

Pros of Infolinks
  • Easier to get Infolinks approval
  • Genuine and timely payouts

Cons of Infolinks
  • Very less Cost Per Clicks.
  • Minimum payout is $50
  • Not pay enough for traffic coming from other parts of the world except for the United States and Canada.

    5. Pop Ads

Chitika 5 Best Ad Networks For New Bloggers - 2017

Pop Ads is the best paying advertising network because there is no restriction in minimum traffic. They permit all types of blogs including adult and porn sites. The auto withdrawal option helps you to get money once you reach the minimum payout threshold.

Pros of Pop Ads
  • Instant approval
  • High CPM rates
  • Auto Withdrawal
  • Minimum payout is $5

Cons of Pop Ads
  • Only PayPal and Payoneer payment modes are available
  • Placing too many Pop Ads irritates the people and chance to exit from your site.

Here are a few more Other Ad Networks that you should check out:

If you find any other ad networks works perfectly and suitable for you then, let us know about it under comments. If this article is useful for you please share it with other users on Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus!.

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