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5 Ways to Dramatically Increase Website Traffic

5 Ways to Dramatically Increase Website Traffic
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Website traffic can be defined by a number of people visit your site, the page view and the length of time they stay on those pages. When anybody visits your site and they click and follow any links, their visit is recorded. Each day, the visitor’s total count is added up and represent the popularity of your website. There following reasons you must consider to increase website traffic is

  • More targeted traffic is necessary to generate more revenue.
  • If your website acquired more traffic the result will be you will be getting a high rank in search engine.
  • It is necessary from targeted audience to stay your website and refer to others.
  • The increase in session duration leads to sign up for your newsletter to receive your promotional offers.

If you start a new blog or website, it becomes very difficult to get people to visit your site. In this post, I will outline five great ways to increase website traffic.

Powerful Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Without wasting time, I will be going straight forward to share few tips to increase website traffic. These tips will surely help you to increase your traffic in future.

    Post Good Quality Content Regularly

The most important step to increase website traffic is associated with good quality blog content.
Certain qualities are required for an ordinary content to become good quality blog content. They are:

  • Select the post with good quality Content
  • Post your Content periodically

Your presence in the blog, A good search engine link, higher PRs and good Quality Posting declares your frequent visitors through the periodical blog posting.

Returning visitors are the visitors, who would visit your blog repeatedly and find the content as useful to them. Such kind of visitors would help your content to become a successful blog and this will increase website traffic.

    Concentrate on Website Theme & Page Loading Time

Impressive blog designing and quick loading are the two major factors would fetch the number of visitors to the blog. This will increase website traffic also.
Construct your blog impressive and make sure for a comfortable navigation too because If your blog is not impressive and difficult to navigate, then, the visitors will find it difficult, and they may lack their interest even if your post displays on the first page of google search engine. So, to get returning visitor, choose simple, impressive and comfortable blog. This kind of technique surely helps you to increase traffic on your blog site.

Page loading time make sure the time in which your page loads completely. It helps to rank your page higher, increase website traffic and increase the visitor’s count.

To check your loading time, Pingdom is one of the best tools to grab all the page loading information of your blog or website.

    Essential of Influential Social Media Approach

Social Media plays an important role in the success of a blog or a website. Social media traffic is more important than the search engine and direct traffic. By using the Social Media approach at right time and right places in your website will increase your traffic dramatically. In all social media networks, certain keywords generate more visitors than others. By using them perfectly in your social media updates can increase the chances of visibility of your blog posts. The following are some of the high conversion keywords for leading social media networks to increase website traffic.

  • Google+
    • High conversion keywords: Create, Discover, Increase, Promote, Share
    • Google+ has encouraged the use of hashtags. Hashtags are automatically added to your posts based on the content. You can also edit the hashtags.
    • If the headline of your Google+ posts is less than 60 characters. Then the engagement level is high.
    • Google videos, images, and animated GIFs receive more engagement.
  • Facebook
    • High conversion keywords: Amuses, Deals, discount, Inspire, Submit, Tell Us, Warns, Where, When
    • 1-2 hashtags per post increase the interactions.
    • Image based posts gives more engagement
    • Facebook posts with less than 40 characters receive more engagement than longer posts.
  • Twitter
    • High conversion keywords: Checkout, Follow, Help, New Blog Post, ReTweet, Social Media, Top
    • 1-2 hashtags give more engagement.
    • Compared to text tweets, images and videos can give more engagement.
    • Less than 100 characters attract more engagement

Social Media sharing and Social Media audience building are very important to increase website traffic within very less time.

    Comment On Other Blogs

In blogging, commenting on other blogs is more important to attract huge visitors to your blog site. Another benefit of commenting niche blog is that you will get more latest information from other bloggers. First, you should find 5 to 10 blogs, which is similar to your niche and begin to comment regularly on their blog posts. This will set up a regular presence in that niche. Commenting on other blogs about your niche tends to see your name by other bloggers and chance to click your link and follow your blog posts. You may also get high-quality backlinks from their websites or blogs and this will boost your SEO ranking and increase website traffic also.

    Guest Post On Other Sites

Finally, guest post on other sites is an outstanding way to get both exposure and traffic. This helps you to build your authority in a niche. In the guest posting, you must always create original content. It will be increasing your visibility and lead to more subscribers, more opportunities and more demand for your work. Guest posting will bring more audience and increase website traffic. It will convert the new visitors to returning visitors and they visit your website or blog by click the link from the guest post. Guest blogging on other sites creates a better relationship with other bloggers. It also creates good quality backlinks to your sites, improves your website ranking and increase website traffic.

Go ahead and try the above-mentioned tips to increase website traffic and increase your revenue. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments section below.

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