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How to Get Google AdSense Approval for Your New Blog or Website

How to Get Google AdSense Approval for Your New Blog or Website
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Google AdSense is one of the most trusted advertising networks to monetize a website, blogs, games or a YouTube videos. AdSense is better than other CPC ad networks available in the market. It is the dream for every website or blog owner to get the approval from Google AdSense. But the getting of AdSense approval is not an easy task. They never accept anyone randomly who is trying to apply for the AdSense account. Usually, the websites or blogs from the USA, Canada, and European countries get their AdSense approval easily compared to Asians. In this post, I will give some tricks to get your AdSense approval quickly.

Prepare your Website or Blog before applying for Google AdSense approval

Google doesn’t expose any hints on what basis they approve a new AdSense account. On the google official page, they mentioned that some locations like China and India, the blog or website must be active for least six months. But many Indian bloggers have their AdSense approval with one or two months old domain. So, you must consider the following requirements before applying for the Google AdSense approval program.

    Use Top-Level Domain

If you are using the subdomains like .co.cc, .co.nr, freehostia.com then you won’t get the Google AdSense approval. Google still approves subdomains site like Blogspot, Weebly etc., but you have to make quality contents. The subdomains offer to host with free of cost. But the problem is they may drop your site without any prior intimation. If you have a Top-Level domain like (BloggerGenesis.com) .com, .org, .net, .in etc., then you may get the Google AdSense approval very quickly.

Go and get a domain name from
or HostGator or InMotion and grab the huge discount.

Before buying domain name, you should consider the following things

  • Don’t use the words like crack, nulled, hack, downloads on the domain name.
  • Avoid others brand name on your domain and don’t use the adult

    Use High-Quality Content

High-quality content is the king for the evergreen success of your website or blog. Remember that google bot crawling your contents of each web page. So, consider the following things before you going to apply for google AdSense approval.

  • Quality of Post
    • Every post must be unique and avoid plagiarism
    • Before posting check the grammatical and spelling errors.
    • Don’t fix the length of the post. Usually, 500-700 words are more than enough of writing compared to the short posts of 100-200 words.
  • Quantity of post
    • To get quick approval from AdSense, make sure you must post at least 5-6 posts on weekly basis.
    • Google not mentioned any number of blog posts required for AdSense approval. If your blog or website have more than 30 high-quality articles, then it is ready for applying AdSense.
  • Insufficient content
    • Make sure your web page should have enough content.
    • Your post must have largest text with complete sentences and paragraphs.
    • If your site has mostly images or videos, then it is difficult to get approval.
  • Original and Unique content
    • Your blog or website must contain original contents and don’t copy and paste from other website or blogs.
    • If you are using any copyrighted materials like images, videos etc., in your blog, it is the violation of AdSense content policy.

    Remove other Network Ads

If you are not ready to apply for Google AdSense approval, then there is no problem for using other network Ads. But remove all those Ads before applying for AdSense. It creates a good impression to AdSense team and you may get approval quickly.

    Create Important Pages

Most of the new bloggers forget to create the below-mentioned pages. These pages create a good impression to the Google AdSense approval team. So before going to apply for AdSense, you must create the following pages.

  • About Us – Most of the visitors visit the “About Us” page to know the authority of the website or blog.
  • Contact Us – This is the most important page to create the better relationship between author and visitors. It also helps to make the direct advertisement from
  • Private Policy – According to the AdSense Terms of Service, you must have a privacy policy page. It has all the information like cookies, place, device compatibility etc., to help the visitors.

    Make Sure You’re 18+

Most of the new bloggers making mistake on their age. They are given incorrect age and get in trouble. They realize their problem after the rejection of few times without any proper reason. So, I recommend you to use your correct date of birth and age while applying for Google AdSense approval.

If you follow all the above-mentioned tips, I am sure you’ll be getting Google AdSense approval quickly. If you have any queries, suggestions or feedback, must comment below and if you think this article is helpful for you, then don’t hesitate to help others by sharing it.

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